Montag, 14. März 2011

It All Began with a Mysterious Black Car.

 Just when his blog was about to become a bit flat and reptetive, all talking about the delightful life in Cambridge and how his photography was getting more sophisticated every day, something remarkable happened.

 It all began with a mysterious black car.

 It was parking in front of his beloveth College on a sunny yet chilly day, an automobile of old and heavy elegance, when he was on his way to the grocery store. He stopped for a swift picture, just noticing the steering wheel oddly misplaced in front of the left seat. Could it be that this vehicle of old which looked so British with its long bonnet and shiny, chrome-plated radiator grille was, in fact, continental? But soon he remembered his task that led him to this unexpected encounter with the past in the first place and wended his way toward's Sainsbury's.
 When he came back with two orange plastic bags full of bread, wine and a couple of sweets, Thomas saw the car now accompanied by a friendly looking police officer, who himself took pictures of the car and notes into a little black booklet.
 After lunch Thomas decided to do some housework and check his incoming mail. Amongst others he had received a letter from his library reminding him of a book that was due that day. So he jolly grabbed the heavy tome and was just about to leave the college gates when he ran into a jostling crowd. He stopped and raised himself to tiptoes, just to catch a glance of what might have attracted that many people. He saw expensive dark cars and grimly looking men obstructing the entrance to Corpus Christi. "Sorry, but what's happening?", asked Thomas an older man standing on a post enabling him to get a better overview of the situation. "Over there, that is Prince Charles. That's what's happening!"

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