Freitag, 25. Februar 2011

So how do you find Cambridge so far?

 This might be one of the most frequent questions I've been asked since I'm here. It is kind of an extension (tube) to the holy trinity of "what's your name?", "which college are you in?", and "what's your subject?", because now people know that I'm from Germany.
 And since this blog was getting more and more photography phocused (npi), I felt the urge to shift the attention back to words - not pictures, to Cambridge in me - not out there.

 Speaking of attention; ATTENTION - GO! becomes more and more fun and less and less stress. Also more and more pain, but that's ok, since the pain moved primarily to the legs, which means the technique has improved. I was really feeling the leg pressure today. We were going well. I'm not sure, if it was enough, but it's ok either way, because we were giving it our best shot! FOR THE WHEEL!!!

  How am I finding Cambridge so far? Still tourists are taking pictures of each other in front of the College that I call my new home and family, still I'm visiting inspiring "lectures" which consist of 15 people max, plus one amazing lecturer, still I pass the Corpus Clock almost every day, which reminds me of my time here running out. More than half of the exchange is already over and as far as last week feels, as soon feels the 11th of May (my final deadline) and the 22nd of June (my birthday and last day of Erasmus). Still I enjoy talking in English all the time (even during sex!), still I love eating porridge with loads of brown sugar on top and still I cannot get earworms like "Thank you for using Sainsbury's Self Check-Out", "my humps, my humps my humps my humps" or "NO! Furby no sleep now" out of my head.

 Last weekend I reached the point, where I was starting planning my England trip after the Erasmus year and the psychotherapy internship after that. Should I go to Manchester or London for the latter. Should I use the opportunity to get cheaply from London to Reykjavik and back? When should I visit Hansa in Japan (oh, btw, got my first Japanese reader today, is it you Hansa?)? Which of the over 50 tempting cities, towns and villages (in England only) can I cross of my list without having the feeling of missing something really great? How much time will be left for Wales, Scotland and Ireland?

 Abrupt Ending.

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